Love is when you smile for no good reason  ~Source : Unknown’s best love sayings

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 Love is giving the cherry away
Thats on top of your sundae  Love sayings by Kayla Belangia

 Love is when you both like the same color!  Romantic quote by Kayla B!

 I cant sleep all night thinking of you
I cant listen in class dreaming about you
I cant explain how much I love you
because there are no words good enough
I cant care about anything else
When im kissing you
because Im in love

For: Josh C. From Whitney A.  ~Source : Whitney Ashworth’s best love sayings

 All I know is that you love ME . . . in my dreams; And you love HER . . . in reality!! 😦   Love sayings by Moi

 Jamie: You are the one! I’v always known your the one! I could have meet you when I was five years old and I would have known you were the one!  Romantic quote by Mad About You